Road to Web Development

MacBook with code on screen

Embarking on my journey back into the realm of web development after a substantial hiatus has been eye-opening, with a plethora of transformations evident in the tech landscape. The evolution of JavaScript frameworks and the diminishing relevance of PHP have been particularly noteworthy. Moreover, the distinction between Back-End and Front-End roles has become increasingly blurred, emphasizing the need for a more cohesive approach.

The Genesis


Several years ago, I decided to reacquaint myself with software development, a venture that had remained dormant for over 15 years. My initial focus was on honing my skills in JavaScript, updating my knowledge of HTML and CSS to align with contemporary standards. However, delving deeper into the subject led me to the realization that to thrive in the industry, adopting a robust framework was imperative.

Exploring Frameworks

JavaScript Frameworks

Amidst the myriad of options, Angular, Vue, and React stood out as potential contenders. After careful consideration, React emerged as the framework of choice due to its pervasive popularity. The prevalence of ReactJS in modern applications, coupled with the integration of React Native for dedicated mobile development, solidified its position as the frontrunner. Despite its strengths, managing state in larger applications presented challenges, demanding a concerted effort to maintain order.

Next.JS Integration


In my pursuit of effective solutions, I found Next.JS to be a valuable addition to my toolkit. Leveraging Next.JS, a React-based framework, provided advantages such as enhanced server-side rendering, improved SEO performance, and simplified project structuring. The seamless integration of Next.JS with React empowered me to build dynamic and performant web applications with greater efficiency.


Getting back up to speed proved to be a multifaceted challenge. Every time I felt I had identified the technologies to work with, new and intriguing possibilities emerged, leading me down an enthralling path of exploration. This perpetual discovery cycle, while enjoyable, occasionally left me feeling like a novice once again.

Future Endeavours

Spider on a web, text reads: Spiders are the only web developers that are happy to find bugs

Despite the complexities, I find myself in a favorable position. I am actively seeking entry-level opportunities in the industry while concurrently planning and developing side projects. The dynamic landscape of web development, coupled with the evolving frameworks, keeps the journey exciting and ensures a continuous learning curve.

I will keep you updated as my endeavors progress. Thank you for reading, and stay well on your own coding adventures!